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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Celebrities through the looking glass...

Yes, a lot of the time celebrities look annoyingly gorgeous, but we know the little secret behind the mask of perfection lies a massively talented make-up artist, stylist, dietician and personal trainer. Imagine if you had all that in order to look consistently gorgeous?! There'd be no excuse for bad hair days, fat days or ugly days! Heres a few of the celebrities who I think get it right every time :

I know what you're thinking. Lizzie Maguire?! Lizzie Maguire gets it right every time?! Well, yes actually, she does. Hilary duff consistently looks beautiful at premiere's and events, why? Because a lot of effort goes in to her make-up look. Here her look is pretty, yet polished and attainable for everyone. She has used a silvery taupey-brown on the eyes with plenty of mascara and false lashes. Lips and cheeks have been kept girlishly pink, yet subdued. The key to this look is lots of mascara, lots and lots of it!

Products to use for this look :
1) For the eyes, I suggest Urban Decay's 'straydog' eyeshadow. This silvery taupey brown is the perfect compliment to all eye shades and has the most beautiful texture. smudge it under the eyes as well as on the lids to create Hilary's polished, yet smokey eye. Use liquid liner on top lids only. I like Boots No7 liquid Liner in Black. Ensure that the line is very thick and very neat, use cotton buds to wipe away any mistakes. For volumised lashes without the clumps, my go-to mascara is 'My Biggest Lashes' in very black, by Prestige. Wiggle the wand through the root of your lashes to create thickness, then keep stroking the wand over and over your lashes till you have created Hilary's doll-like flutter! If you want, stick on some falsies, Im not a fan of them, but I hear eyelure do the best ones!

2) Keep the foundation light and dewy, the skin must not be matte for this look. No powder neccessary! I suggest Myface Mymix foundation for an ethereal glow. For those girly pink cheeks, Urban decay's after glow blush in 'quickie' does the job, dont brush on too much though because its such a pigmented blusher!

3) The lips are a neutral creamy pink, I suggest MAC's angel lipstick for pink lips that dont look overdone.

Although I find Keira Knightley really quite annoying, (why is she ALWAYS pouting?! even when shes talking shes pouting!!) she does happen to always have a good make-up artist and stylist to hand. I have heard she's an acne sufferer which makes me like her a bit more, as I am pront to acne breakouts. She mostly goes for a smokey-brown eyeshadow look with nude-rose lips. The look is very english rose/rock chick, like shes been running around on the windy moors for too long or something. Heres my break down :

1) The foundation shes used is quite high coverage, yet leaves a lovely natural glow. I suggest trying Revlon Colourstay foundation for this look. This foundation takes quite a while to set so do your eye make-up whilst its setting. (what is it?! paint?!)

2) For the eyes a dark, chocolatey brown is key. I suggest using Barry M chocolate dazzle dust (no.53). Use a brush to bring the shadow right in to the socket line, and at the outer corners of the eyes. Keria has not used much highlight, however the lid has a small amount of purpley-grey to offset the chocolate brown. I suggest BarryM's dazzle dust in mushroom, a lovely sparkly grey with hints of lilac. Use a fluffy brush to run over the entire eye and blend the colours together. Use a black kohl eyeliner to line the lower lashes and top lashline. Dont use liquid liner for this look, it is too harsh and not rock chick enough, sorry. My fave kohl eyeliner is no7. amazing eye eye pencil in black. Now take your little finger and run some Barry M chocolate dazzle dust just under your lower lash line. I have always used my little finger for this job because it gives a more worn-in rock chick effect, a brush tends to make it look too polished and precise. Now for the mascara, Keira's eyelashes are volumised and multiplied using layers of mascara on both the top and bottom lashes. I suggest using Revlons fabulash for this, at first this mascara seems useless, but trust me, keep building it up and up and after a while you will be very satisfied with it indeed! I like to blink my lashes in to the brush again and again until Im happy. It makes me really dizzy, but it works!!!

3) Hopefully your foundation has dried by now?! For Keira's glow, use an iridescent gold powder all over the face, especially down the length of your nose, tops of cheekbones and chin. I like Too faced's candlit glow, but if you prefer something less sparkly, Pixi does a lovely blush called Energy blush in naturally sunny, the highlighter part of this blush is perfect! For keir'as naturally pink glow I suggest 17's blush in bramble frost which is a really neutral pink, and literally goes with ANY eyelook you have gone for!

4) Keiras lips look naturally glossy. I like Burts Bees super shiny lip gloss in sweet pink.

C'est fini!

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