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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Charlotte Tilbury - The best of the best :D

As a makeup junkie, I like to know who's the best of the best at their job as a make-up artist. Who is in high demand and creating the best looks at shows? The answer : Charlotte Tilbury, who is my all time favourite make-up artist. She is renowned world wide for her ability to paint the 'Perfect' face on models at shows and wont stop until she has achieved this perfection before sending them out on to the catwalk. She is also a genius at using colours to create a beautifully made up face, each year she works with designers at shows to come up with a colour palette. The make-up used at each show is extremely important to the overall impression of the fashion collection. Charlotte is in high demand when fashion week comes around, often working up to 17 hour days and jet setting at least twice a week.

Says Tilbury; “It’s high pressure because you have to achieve a look sometimes within minutes. But it’s one of the exciting things too. It’s never boring, that’s one thing about fashion.” Too right. Tilbury has her own make-up line at Boots called 'Myface Cosmetics'. The idea of this collection is that the guessing game of 'which foundation colour is right for me?' is solved by the collection having a 'fair, medium, dark' category. In each category there are three shades to choose from, making choosing a LOT easier. The range also has the right blush, concealer and powder for your skin tone. The only product not categorised are the eye shadows which, as Tilbury claims, are the products that will suit everyone no matter what eye colour. As long as the foundation, blush and concealer colours are right, you can run with whatever eyeshadow colour you want! I love the range, especially the 'Bling Tone' eye shadows which, true to their name, are very 'bling'.

Tilbury has recently covered many spring/summer 2011 fashion shows, including the New York fashion week doing the Donna Karan line. The inspiration for the look was 1930's photographs entailing bronze and gold on the eyes and very matte skin.

Some more of my favourite looks created by Charlotte :

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