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Welcome to Alice's make-up wonderland! The beauty blog that's obsessed with all elements of the beauty industry, the good, the bad, and all thats inbetween! Boots and Superdrug are my second home's, however as I'm currently a student money can get in the way of purchasing products, but my love for make-up shall never cease...

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Product Review - Number One!

Welcome to Alice's make-up wonderland reviews!

For my first review
I just wanted to share with you some of absolute essentials that I use
day in and day out. I have tried one hell of a lot of products, so I reckon
I've pretty much nailed the best products for me (my 'hg' items), at an
affordable price. I know loads of people can afford Chanel foundations
but sadly I am not one of them and have to find sliiightly less pricey
items in my local 'Boots' or 'Superdrug', which loads of Brits will have
heard of I'm sure :D

I'm going to start with a foundation that I know a lot of people are fond of
and have blogged about in the past.... it is the one and only :

Revlon Colourstay Foundation....oh YES!

Being very pale, yet warm skinned I wear this in 'Buff', and it seems to be the perfect match for my skin. It is yellow toned but not TOO yellow toned. Having read the reviews on make-up alley it seems there are tons of people who agree with me, this stuff WORKS! It provides a really natural look, but can be built up for more coverage. It conceals flaws beautifully and does last all day :D

With my oily skin I wear the combination/oily variety, but for you lucky girls with normal skin Revlon have created a seperate option for your skin needs too! Yup, this gets a thumbs up from Alice! I have been wearing it for 4 years and not ONE foundation has beaten it! Yes MAC studio fix does provide me with a gorgeous complexion but it is far too thick, almost like stage make-up. It provided me not only with beautiful, even skin, but a face full of back heads, spots and oil. Thus I had to wear MORE of it to cover the spots, which created even MORE spots! This combined with the huge cost of the foundation created a lose lose situation and it had to be ditched! I practically sprinted back to my lovely Revlon which is half the price of MAC and about twice as good! Lets hear it for Revlon colourstay, you're the Rabbit to my wonderland, aka ESSENTIAL!!

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