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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Top 5 Perfumes

Hello wonderlanders!

So today I decided I'd tell you my top five perfumes of all time...but first I simply MUST have a perfume rant....

For a young person I actually have quite "adult" taste in could almost say that some of my perfumes are 'granny-ish' but I'd prefer to call them 'Classics' because as we all secretly know, the classics never fail. I have been lured in countless times by the pungent fruity concoctions created speedily by money grabbing manufacturers and I have learnt my lesson the hard, expensive way. After one week, these perfumes sit collecting dust on my shelf. These are the perfumes we smell everywhere, on everyone and quite frankly they are BORING me to death...I'm talking about you Michael Kors, 'Hollywood', and you Marc Jacobs, 'Lola'. And I'm GLARING at you especially Britney Spears 'Fantasy'. If I have to smell any of you one more time I'm going to stop entering Boots altogether... (but as we all know that is never going to happen so I must live to endure your rank fruit-sweety-tennybopper-odour for another month at least before you are off the scene and another mass produced perfume called something like 'Papparazzi whore' enters in.) UGH. Rant over, lets begin now shall we?

Perfume number one of ALL time:

Coco Chanel eau de toilette : Oh how do I love thee? Let me count the ways...I first discovered this beauty when I was in 6th form when I would go to Debenhams JUST to spray it everywhere on myself, then walk around feeling delightfully mature and sophisticated. If Coco Chanel was a woman she'd wear classic Chanel suits, her hair perfectly coiffed in a neat chigon, her make-up perfection in neutrals. In other words very much like Coco Chanel herself! The notes involve : Mandarin, Coriander, Peach, Orange Blossom, Mimosa, Clove, Rose, Sandal, Vanilla, Civet, and Amber . I can't describe to you how this can make you feel, you must try it yourself. Remember its the Eau de toilette, the parfum version is really quite different and a little too strong for my taste. Some of you will feel this is far too mature, and I see your point, but for me this is the cream of the crop. Other perfumes may come and go on my dressing table, but Coco, you're a keeper.

Perfume number two : Hilary Duff, With Love

'WHAT?!', I hear you scream, 'BUT YOU JUST RANTED FOR ABOUT HALF AN HOUR ABOUT CELEBRITY SCENTS CREATED TO EAT OUR MONEY!!' Yes I did, and as I said I have been lured in by them myself, I actually OWN Britney Spears 'Fantasy', I'm so ashamed of it that I hide it in a drawer. It makes me sick to smell it. But 'With Love' is really quite different to all the celeb scents you smell over and over again. With Love is woody, deep, almost masculine. It could definately be considered a unisex perfume. The notes are : mangosteen fruit, spices, mangosteen flower, cocobolo wood, amber milk, and amber. It's beautiful to wear in the day time, it makes me feel alive and energised, but at the same time a bit mysterious...try it out, don't give up on it after a few minutes, I bet you'll love it. (HA with love!) I hate the name of this perfume, it makes it sound like a typical celeb scent....the bottle is gorgeous though and looks really vintage on my dressing table!

Perfume number three: L'Occitane Vanilla Eau de Toilette

My lovely sister got this for me for Christmas because I have a love affair with the store L'Occitane. How charming and quaint that all their products are from provence! It makes me went to sit in a french cafe, Gallois held daintly in one hand, red wine in the other, smelling sweetly of L'Occitane products! But Vanilla?! How boring you cry! Oh no, this is no ordinary Vanilla, it has notes of caramel swirled in and causes a sort of chocolatey rich 'I want to eat you' olfactory...this perfume has garnered me more compliments than any other. J'aime vouz Vanilla!

Perfume number four : Tommy Hilfiger, Tommy Girl

Yes, I immature of me, what a strange scent to choose after something like Coco Chanel at the top of the list! Many of you probably wore this in high school, as did I. It has an invisible label attached to it that says 'I am for young girls, I smell very sweet and young and fresh, like an American cheerleader'. But throw away your judgement dear wonderlanders, the scent is based on the classic Tea Rose scent, and if you do away with the American cheerleader image, you are left with a beautiful, classic scent that makes me feel vibrant, sparkling even. For one day I urge you to throw away your judgement and try Tommy Girl without the advertisement in your mind. You might be surprised....In the book, 'Perfumes, the A-Z guide' Luca Turin gives Tommy Girl an outstanding 5 stars, and I quite agree with her.

Perfume number Five : Chanel Chance

Sadly I can not wear this perfume because my mother has worn it for many years, so to me, this perfume says, 'Mum' but how I wish I could wear it. It really is a very invigorating fragrance that becomes quite bewitching after a while of wearing it. For some strange reason I can imagine wearing this at the seaside dressed in classic nauticals and running along the sand, very much as if I was in my own perfume advert. Infact I think Chanel chance did have a seaside advert on TV once apon a time...either that or my imagination is running away with me! In many ways this perfume is similar to Tommy girl, it's very playful and could definately be worn casually and in the evening.

Product Review - Number One!

Welcome to Alice's make-up wonderland reviews!

For my first review
I just wanted to share with you some of absolute essentials that I use
day in and day out. I have tried one hell of a lot of products, so I reckon
I've pretty much nailed the best products for me (my 'hg' items), at an
affordable price. I know loads of people can afford Chanel foundations
but sadly I am not one of them and have to find sliiightly less pricey
items in my local 'Boots' or 'Superdrug', which loads of Brits will have
heard of I'm sure :D

I'm going to start with a foundation that I know a lot of people are fond of
and have blogged about in the past.... it is the one and only :

Revlon Colourstay Foundation....oh YES!

Being very pale, yet warm skinned I wear this in 'Buff', and it seems to be the perfect match for my skin. It is yellow toned but not TOO yellow toned. Having read the reviews on make-up alley it seems there are tons of people who agree with me, this stuff WORKS! It provides a really natural look, but can be built up for more coverage. It conceals flaws beautifully and does last all day :D

With my oily skin I wear the combination/oily variety, but for you lucky girls with normal skin Revlon have created a seperate option for your skin needs too! Yup, this gets a thumbs up from Alice! I have been wearing it for 4 years and not ONE foundation has beaten it! Yes MAC studio fix does provide me with a gorgeous complexion but it is far too thick, almost like stage make-up. It provided me not only with beautiful, even skin, but a face full of back heads, spots and oil. Thus I had to wear MORE of it to cover the spots, which created even MORE spots! This combined with the huge cost of the foundation created a lose lose situation and it had to be ditched! I practically sprinted back to my lovely Revlon which is half the price of MAC and about twice as good! Lets hear it for Revlon colourstay, you're the Rabbit to my wonderland, aka ESSENTIAL!!