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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Korres - Natural make-up.

Korres naural products – release your inner natural goddess!

Let’s get one thing straight before I start; I am definitely not a ‘minimalist’ girl when it comes to make-up. In fact, sadly, it’s quite the opposite. I’ve tried to do a Jen Aniston approach and do barely there bronzer, lip-gloss and mascara. Trust me, I tried. It just doesn’t work for me, sorry. It makes me feel naked, unkempt and unpolished. Yes, it’s sad that I feel this way without the slap but that’s the way I am. I’ve learned to accept my inability to be a bare faced goddess. My friends and family have also given up on the whole, ‘You should wear less, you don’t need it’ thing and have also over come and understand that make-up is my dear, dear friend, my daily crutch. However, in order to rectify this disability I intend to wear the most natural make-up ingredients as possible, to the point where I am using red currants to stain my lips and mud to define my eyes. Perhaps that would be slightly over stepping the natural mark, but I think you understand what I’m getting at.

You’ve heard it before, make-up is BAD for you. Perhaps they started telling you when you were 10 and took your first innocent interest in pale blue eye shadow. Outraged teachers and parents alike took it as a serious mis-conduct and told you that you are too young to wear make-up, ‘it’s bad for you’, they said, and ‘your natural beauty already shines through.’ (aka they were worried you were becoming a little tart and wanted you to look like a baby for as long as possible) but we all started wearing it eventually, and all came to know the evil list of ingredients on the back. The never ending list of chemicals that we hoped would go away if we ignored it. But let’s face it, there they are. Look on the back of any typical drugstore foundation and you’ll see it, ‘Paraffin, mineral oil, talk, oxide...’ I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve been shovelling this concoction of chemicals on my face daily for ten years (more if I’m honest), it can’t be good for me surely? As someone who watches what she eats, shouldn’t I also watch what I put on my face? I’m not saying make-up has to be so natural that its edible, I just want to look good with minimal chemical reaction. In fact, I’d like my make-up to actually benefit my skin, provide a decent amount of minerals and vitamins that aren’t pore blocking. Enter Korres, the famous Greek brand of cosmetics that focus on using natural ingredients found in your back garden....well, in Athens. This is about as close to Greek goddess status as you’re going to get. My personal fave is the bronzer which comes in two shades. The bronzer feels weightless on the skin, it is non-itchy and non-irritating on my acne-prone skin. Not only does it feel good, it looks fantastic too. It provides a glowing, golden, natural bronzed look that doesn’t scream ‘Hey everyone, I’m wearing bronzer, aren’t I tanned?!’. It simply looks healthy, natural, and without sounding too much like a QVC shopping channel, I highly advise you give it a whirl.

The mascara is another gift from Mother Nature of make-up. Enforced with whey proteins to nourish your lashes and help them grow, it also defines and lengthens lashes beautifully, with no clumps. I almost wish I could tell you that the chemical tripe we’ve been smearing on for years is of better quality despite the chemicals. Truthfully though, it really isn’t. In fact I’d say that Korres products produce a better finish faster, and doesn’t end up down my face by the end of the day.

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